REVIEW: Devious Lies by Parker S. Huntington

“She could enjoy her pretty, perfect world a little longer. Soon enough, everything she owned would be mine.”

I had a plan to escape the friend zone.

Step one: sneak into Reed’s room.

Step two: sleep with him.

But when the lights turned on, it wasn’t familiar blue eyes I saw.

These were dark, angry, and full of demons.

And they belonged to Reed’s much older brother.

Four years later, Nash Prescott is no longer the help’s angry son.

I’m no longer the town’s prized princess.

At twenty-two, I’m broke, in need of a job.

At thirty-two, he’s a billionaire, in need of revenge.

Who cares if my family ruined his?

Who cares if he looks at me with pure loathing?

Who cares if every task he assigns me is designed to torture?

I need the money.

Simple as that.

I’ll suffer his cruelty in silence, knowing there’s one thing he wants more than revenge…


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Devious Lies was SO MUCH MORE then I ever expected it to be! I thought I was going into another Age Gap/Bully Romance but it was EVERYTHING and then more. It was everything I needed wrapped up in the most beautiful and highlight-able quotes that I've been reading over and over again since I read the last page of this incredibly emotive story. I am experiencing the mother of all book hangovers after this unique book!

"Disheveled hair. Harsh eyes. Defiant stance. He looked like he felt—a nightmare disguised as a dream."

Devious Lies was a book that spanned over 5 years of secret moments, missed opportunities and repairable heartache. I was so incredibly overwhelmed by these characters and this story line, I lived it and breathed it and could not bring myself to put it down. If you have plans while you're reading this book, cancel them. Cancel everything including sleep because once you start reading you will find it absolutely unfathomable to have to put this book down.

"You never belonged with Reed, Little Tiger. He is domesticated. You are wild. To tame you would be a travesty. The sooner you get that, the sooner you can move on.”

Emery was one of my most favourite characters I've ever read. She was an inherently good and selfless person, almost at a detriment to herself. She believed in paying amends for crimes and continued to pay amends for crimes that were not hers. She was intelligent, brave, cunning when she needed to be and just good.

"If I was a storm, he was hail, and he came down harder, faster, and did more damage."

Nash believed in penance and lived and breathed it. This all stemmed from the guilt that he carried through his life for actions he had and had not taken. No one is harder on him than Nash himself. He's tortured by decision and indecision, bossy, inappropriate, brave, secretive and always puts those he loves first.

Emery and Nash's characters were intertwined from the very beginnings of Devious Lies and in so many more ways then you originally understand in the book. They are connected on a much deeper level then you originally anticipate. There relationship bring's out the best and worst in each of them while also helping them to heal and grow and become there best versions of themselves. Together Nash and Emery could own the world and burn it to the ground if they so wanted but both these characters only want to help all of those less fortunate then themselves.

“If I tell you anything worth learning, it’s this. Love is the most expensive thing you’ll ever own. You pay for it with grief, tears, and a piece of your soul, but in return, you receive happiness, memories, and life.”

One of the things I absolutely loved about Devious Lies was the power that Parker S. Huntington put into words. Emery had magic words that she mouthed, uttered out loud and even printed on T Shirts whenever she felt the need to express how she really felt. It was such an important and unique part of this story. Most of the words I had never heard of but were so perfect for the situation in the book they were used in.

"If Reed was the prince of peaceful forests and snowless mountains, Nash was the king of smoke, and ashes, and lies. He was the fire that ravaged those forests and the ashes that rained down on those mountains. I wanted to inhale his smoke, coat my tongue with his ashes, and bury myself in his lies.

But smoke ruined lungs.

Ashes tasted like death.

And lies blinded dreamers.

I was a dreamer.

He was a nightmare."

Devious Lies consumed me, I was completely enamored with these characters. The story line had me guessing at every turn and moved at the most perfect pace along with the character development of Emery and Nash. These characters stole my heart and I truly loved reading this incredible story and Parker S Huntington's style of writing. Devious Lies was one my most favourite reads for 2019. There really aren't enough words to describe how perfect this book was except to say READ THIS BOOK. READ IT NOW!

About the Author: Parker S. Huntington

Parker S. Huntington is a USA Today, Amazon Top 15, KDP All-Star, and KDP All-Star UK bestselling author from Orange County, California. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside and is currently pursuing a Master's in Liberal Arts in Literature and Creative Writing from Harvard University.

She was the proud mom of Chloe, the sweetest princess to have ever lived; has two puppies, Bauer and Rose; and lives with her boyfriend of five (almost six!) years--a real life alpha male, book-boyfriend-worthy hunk of a man.

Find Parker Here: Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram | Amazon | Goodreads | Twitter | BookBub

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