COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: In The Land of Gods and Monsters Part 2 by Carmen Jenner

In the land of gods and monsters, she was set free.

Left, lost, forgotten.

Cast out of the only world she remembers, Pet now answers to a new name—victim.

Ares walked away without a backward glance and left her desperate for safety, desire, and the freedom she found in his cruel touch.

But in the end, Pet discovers nothing is ever free.

📆 February 25th

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“I meant it when I said you were mine. I let you go, but that didn’t mean you could fuck other people.”

I scramble off his lap and turn to face him. “So, I was just supposed to wait forever for you?”

“Exactly,” he says through clenched teeth. “That’s the point of you being mine.”

“You threw me away!” Silence settles between us. His eyes are dark and livid. “I wasn’t yours anymore.”

“Don’t you ever fucking say that again.” He lunges for me and slides his hand into my hair, yanking me forward. My hands fly to his wrists. My nails dig into his flesh and he grunts, but his face is mere inches from mine. “You are mine. You will always be mine. Until your heart stops beating and even thereafter, you belong to me, Pet.”

Then he surprises me by kissing my lips. His tongue plunges deep into my mouth until I can’t get enough air, only Ares. He’s all I breathe. He has been since the day he took me. Since the first time he touched me.

He pulls away, his chest rising and falling as rapidly as my own. “I belong to you too, Pet.”

In the land of Gods and Monsters, she was a toy. A plaything. A pet. His pet. Taken, stolen, beaten, used. Pet remembers nothing before his touch, and afterward, she craves nothing more. Sinful and merciless, Ares is her God now. He alone says when to beg, when to come, and when to kneel, but he never said anything about leaving.

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Meet The Author: Carmen Jenner

Carmen Jenner is a USA Today and international bestselling author. A hardcore red lipstick addict and a romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little torture?

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