COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: Regret by Max Henry

Four simple rules when you’re a woman in denial:

1. Don’t stalk your father’s best friend online.

2. Don’t talk to him via Messenger.

3. Definitely don’t go to his house.

4. And whatever you do, don’t tell him you’re still in love.

I’ve never been one for doing what I’m told.

“When are you going to move on, Z?” She rests an arm casually on the side of the chair, relaxing her position. “How many women have you been with in the last three years?”

“Jodie,” I warn with a frown.

“I’m serious,” she says. “Okay, so you spent the first three or four months sulking after she left. But that leaves over two years where you could have been making the most of the fact you aren’t that old yet, and you’re still quite the catch.”

“This is fucking weird coming from you.” I cross my arms, hoping like fuck she’ll drop the topic.

“It’s necessary.” She leans forward to glare at me from under her lashes. “How many?”


“Jesus,” she whispers to herself, looking away. “Really?”


“Look. I know you won’t come out with us, but just consider it, okay? Maybe I can leave Eric at home with bubs one night and be your wingwoman?”

“Fuck me,” I groan. “How about you hand me a shovel and help me dig my grave.” She frowns, clearly confused. “I’d rather stay at home spanking one out than go to the bar with my ex-wife to find a fuck for the night.”

Jodie’s lips flatten in a thin line as she snorts in an effort to suppress her laugh. “I guess when you put it like that.”

The two of us chuckle at the visual. It feels good to laugh. Unwelcome, but good.

“At least I got to you to loosen up,” she says with a smile. “I worry about you, Z. You’re pretty dark a lot of the time now.”

My smile fades, and I turn back to the window. “Happens when the sunshine gets ripped from your life.”

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Four simple rules when you’re a man on parole:

1. Don’t lust after your best friend’s daughter.

2. Don’t get into a physical fight over her.

3. Definitely don’t f*ck her.

4. And whatever you do, don’t fall in love. I have a bad habit of breaking rules.

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Meet The Author: Max Henry

Born and bred in Canterbury, New Zealand, Max now resides with her family in beautiful and sunny Queensland, Australia.

Life with two young children can be hectic at times, and although she may not write as often as she would like, Max wouldn’t change a thing.

In her down time, Max can be found at her local gym, brain-storming through a session with the weights. If not, she’s probably out drooling over one of many classic cars on show that she wishes she owned.

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