TAMARA'S REVIEW: Chased by Hazel James

I'm the tornado. Don't chase me.

Paige Landry I finally made it. I graduated nursing school, and I found the perfect job. Things were great until a tornado blew through the emergency room, turning my life upside down. I don’t know if I can ever go back to the way things were before. Tornado survivors have a choice to rebuild, or pack up and move away. I’m twenty-two, and I know that one day I want the American dream: a husband, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. But that’s the thing with rebuilding. What happens when the next tornado hits? Will I be blown away again? DH Rhoads Adrenaline. It’s fueled me since I was thirteen. It’s what I discovered while I chased tornadoes across Oklahoma. It’s what I craved on combat missions in helicopters in Afghanistan. It’s what I lived for, until one day when everything changed. Now, adrenaline is my drug. It numbs me when the memories become too much to bear. It reminds me that I don’t deserve a wife, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. I’ve seen what tornadoes do to white picket fences. It’s ugly. I’m the tornado. I’ve already destroyed one family. Don’t chase me.

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Tamara's Review:

As a child the Bill Paxton Movie, Twister was a favourite of mine, so I was really excited to jump into Chased once I heard that one of the main characters was also a tornado chaser.

Chased had everything I look for in a romance read – it had sexual tension in bucket-loads, an interesting and new-to-me storyline, characters that were well rounded and engaging and it also had some deep and thought provoking moments that took Chased from a fun and light read to something that will stick with me for a while to come.

Paige has just graduated from nursing school and has taken a job in Oklahoma, coming from the South she’s never seen a tornado, let alone had to deal with the aftereffects. She’s the kind of person I can see myself becoming friends with, she’s a nice person, but most importantly, and I mean MOST IMPORTANTLY she loves books as much as I do. Seeing references every so often to my favourite books and/or book boyfriends brought a smile to my face EVERY. TIME.

DH stumbles into the ED one night after getting in a fight with a street sign, and coming out second best. Nurse Paige happens to be on shift that fateful night, and what occurs afterwards is a series of sometimes hilarious and sometimes awkward encounters between the two as they navigate small town life and the phenomenon of everyone seeming to know everyone.

As I mentioned previously Chased was so much more, there was another side of DH that very few people saw. A side of him that he kept hidden, and my heart broke for him. I’ve read a few books about returned servicemen and I have to say that Ms James handled the situation with the respect and compassion that could only come from someone who has firsthand knowledge of what life after coming home is really like.

If you like your romance with a little action, and a lot of heart I recommend you give Chased a read, I have no doubt that Paige, DH and their story will worm its way into your heart, just like it did mine.

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Meet the Author: Hazel James

Hazel James is an Army veteran and an active-duty Army wife. Her greatest loves include her family, lip gloss, Diet Coke, and the beach.

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