Musings of a Blogger: Saying Goodbye to 2016!

Saying Goodbye to 2016!

I welcomed in 2016 at Disneyland in California and am ending it in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand.

Like everyone else has already said, this year has been the year of ups and downs. The one that will go down in the history books as the year we lost so many incredible people. It will also be the year that goes down on Facebook as one that was full of drama and cyber bullying against readers and authors. I have to say I'm pretty happy to be saying goodbye to 2016!

When the news broke that one of my favourite characters and actors had passed away I was sitting in a Las Vegas Airport with tears streaming down my face. I was also lucky enough to be on my way to California where I would be visiting Universal Studios and would get to honour him in the way that he deserved.

Wand Up /*

Although this year has not been a pleasant one it has been pretty amazing for Authors, Bloggers and Readers. There has been some incredible books released this year. I've discovered new genres I love, new Indie Authors and Traditionally Published Authors. New characters, new storylines, new words and new worlds. There's been a lot of new to fall in love with!

Earlier this year I attended the Sydney Author Event and met new authors and bloggers who I look up to. I discovered new authors through Facebook who's words I've fallen in love with and new authors who's personalities I've loved but have yet to read.

Here's a few photos with me and some of my favourite Authors, new Authors I found at SAE and my incredible best friends!

Leisa Rayven is one of the most incredibly talented and loveliest people I've ever met! She makes me Fangirl like no one! Not only is she an incredible author but also an incredible person who always has a friendly smile on her face and a story to make you laugh! And no one can take a Selfie like Leisa!

How beautiful is Carmen Jenner and her gorgeous covers! I adore Carmen, I met her at Fictionally Yours in 2015 as a new to me author and she was so lovely that even without having read a word she had written I was a fan already! The first book of hers I read was Toward the Sound of Chaos which is INCREDIBLE! A book I recommend to everyone, the storyline is so touching and stays in your heart always, its one of my absolute favourite books. Its also one of my top books of 2016 and her next release The Way Back Home is on my Most Anticipated list for 2017!

Fellow Kiwi, Nalini Singh New to me Author, TJ Hamilton

Another fellow Kiwi, BJ Harvey New to me Author, Emily Hemmer

New to me Author, Rachel Brookes New to me Author, K.M Golland

Kylie Scott, Another of my favourite authors. Every character, storyline and situation is REAL. She writes smoking hot Male's and curvy Females that you can look up to and admire. I admire Kylie Scott for how real every this she writes is and for how real she is when you met her! What you see is what you get and she's pretty freaken awesome!

New to me Author, Jay McLean New to me Author, Mariana Zapata

One of the organisers of the Sydney Author Event is Kristine, Owner and Blogger at Glass, Paper, Ink. She's lovely and friendly and the blogger who inspired me to go out on my own! She writes the most beautiful reviews and has an amazing way with words! I was as excited to meet her at the event as I was to meet some of my favourite authors!

This is a photo of Me, Kristine and fellow reviewer and book lover Tamara.

Speaking of Favourite People! I attended the Sydney Author Event with 3 of my Best Friends who I could never have done any of this with out. Tamara and Sarah. These 2 girls get me, understand me, support me and push me. They're the most incredible friends and I can't imagine navigating this book world with out them! I'm attending Fictionally Yours in Melbourne this year with these 2 girls so there will be plenty of photos from that!

Best of 2016!

Instead of posting a Top 10 list I decided to post a Best Of in different categories. Each book I've loved this year has been for different reasons, some newly released and some older.

Most Steamiest Read

American Queen by Sierra Simone

“Ash the brilliant tactician and Embry the reckless brawler who flung himself heedlessly into every storm of bullets he encountered … Embry treated me like a treasure he couldn’t stop himself from plundering. Ash is treating me like a jewel to be polished and then shattered and then polished. Like I’m all the more beautiful for the ways he’d like to wreck me.”

Read my Review | Amazon |Goodreads | Sierra Simone

Most Scandalous Read

The Royals Series by Erin Watt

"I know you want me. I know that you’re dying for me to get back on my knees.” Curling my fingernails into his scalp, I jerk his head back so he can see my eyes. “But it will be a cold, cold day in hell before you ever see me kneel again. I wouldn’t touch you if you paid me. I wouldn’t touch you again even if you begged me for it. Even if you vowed you loved me more than the sun loves the day or the moon loves the night. I’d screw your father before I’d screw you.”

Amazon | Goodreads | Erin Watt

Most Real Read

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

“You kissed my hair while sticking me in the heart. But your house will break before I fall apart. - Punk”

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | Penelope Douglas

Swooniest Male Lead

Jason Thorn from To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

"I kissed the edges of her mouth where she hid those secret smiles, the ones she saved for when she was writing on her laptop, lost in a different world she was creating from the start, brick by brick. I wanted to own those secret smiles just as much I wanted to own her beautiful heart. I wanted to be the reason for their existence"

Most Relatable Female Lead

Olive Taylor from To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

"When I lifted my head up, he was staring down at me-right into my eyes. By then I was the perfect example of one of those 'My body is ready' Gifs."

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | Ella Maise

Favourite Storyline

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

“I’ve loved you for a while now,” he says. So simply. God, it’s so bare and straightforward and it makes me want to be brave.”

Amazon | Goodreads | Christina Lauren

Most Stunning Cover

Fractures By M.R Field

“Like a flamed arrow, grief punctures all that it passes. It nips. It tears. It bleeds. I want to be rid of this ache I feel. I want to feel something else. To remember without the pain crippling me. But the guilt tethers itself, reminding me what I have done. What I failed to do."

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | MR Field

Best Listen

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

"Redefine normal. None of us know the full measure of our power until we start pushing our boundaries and pressing our luck, and the more we do, the less we care what others think. The freedom feels too good."

Audible for Amazon | Goodreads | Penelope Douglas

Story that Stayed in my Heart

Toward the Sound of Chaos By Carmen Jenner

“There’s no bravery in running away, but there can be in surrender. Sometimes to surrender to someone else’s chaos is the bravest thing you can do.”

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | Carmen Jenner

Biggest Book Hangover

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

"Embrace the lows so that you can more effectively enjoy the highs. Love the fight. Love it so much, and let it save you when your emotional muscles have become soft."

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | Tarryn Fisher

New to me Authors whose words I fell for!

Ella Maise

“She twisted her body and thanks to the moonlight, I was able to see her face more clearly. She was so fucking beautiful, even more so in the soft moonlight. Unfortunately, she was also a spirited lunatic—a beautiful one, sure, but still a lunatic.”

To Love Jason Thorn Review | To Hate Adam Connor Review | Amazon | Goodreads

Jessica Serra Huizenga

"Ryan goes rigid and I see his jaw tick, but he remains calm and laid back when he speaks. “Addiction is a sign of weakness. It’s selfish and reckless. I promise you, when it comes to women I am nothing if not straightforward and controlled. Sex can be anything you need it to be if you’re honest and up front about it—hot, dirty, warm, loud, wild, and downright liberating. You can’t knock it till you try it, sweetheart, so until you do I can’t take what you say too seriously.” Then he winks."

Mad Addiction Review | Sick Pleasures Review | Amazon | Goodreads

Some of my Most Favourite Quotes from 2016!

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

“Imagine all the people you meet in your life. There are so many. They come in like waves, trickling in and out with the tide. Some waves are much bigger and make more of an impact than others. Sometimes the waves bring with them things from deep in the bottom of the sea and they leave those things tossed onto the shore. Imprints against the grains of sand that prove the waves had once been there, long after the tide recedes. That was what Atlas was telling me when he said “I love you.” He was letting me know that I was the biggest wave he’d ever come across. And I brought so much with me that my impressions would always be there, even when the tide rolled out.”

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | Colleen Hoover

Wicked Heart by Leisa Rayven

“I once read an Oscar Wilde quote that said, “A kiss may ruin a human life.” It perplexed me, because up until now, i’d always thought kisses were sweet but unimportant. But this kiss? It’s ruined me. This is the type of kiss I never knew existed. It’s like falling and flying, all in the same moment.”

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | Leisa Rayven

Showmance by LH Cosway

“Oh, petal, such reproach in your eyes,” he murmured, taking my chin in his hand and tilting my head, preventing me from looking away. “But what beautiful eyes they are.” I swallowed thickly, my heart hammering. Between my stage fright and Damon’s closeness, I was certain the poor beleaguered organ would soon give out on me. I stared at him. “You use that word like a weapon, you know. ‘Beautiful’ on your lips should be illegal, Damon Atwood. It makes me weak.”

Read My Review | Amazon | Goodreads | LH Cosway

Most Anticipated Read's of 2017

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