REVIEW: Sick Pleasures by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Hazel Blake loves Tristan Sharp. Tristan Sharp hates Hazel Blake.

Hazel Blake loves Tristan Sharp.

Tristan Sharp hates Hazel Blake.

There is only one word to use when it comes to describing Hazel Blake and Tristan Sharp: history. Intense, painful, passionate history. (Ok, four words.) But it’s been over five years now and Hazel’s ready to leave the past behind. Having nobody but an absent father, a crazy mother, and a preoccupied brother means she could really use her old friend again. So what if she still has deeper feelings for Tristan? She knows she majorly screwed things up and doesn’t deserve him anymore, so she’ll settle for anything he might be willing to give — even if that means nothing but some casual fun. When Hazel comes storming back into Tristan’s life, opening all sorts of old wounds, he wants nothing more than to get to the forgetting part. But he’s also having trouble with the whole forgiveness thing, too. When the girl you love rips your heart out and tosses it around like a beanbag, it tends to change a guy. Nobody gets under Tristan’s skin like Hazel, so he just needs to get her out of his system, right? Hit it and quit it. For good this time, and nobody ever needs to know. Yes, everything that went down between Hazel and Tristan is in the past. Too bad history is about to repeat itself… What happens when you love the person you hate? Can people that hurt each other heal together?

"I will bruise your lips and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand why storms are named after people"

Sick Pleasure was a unique and honest read. Jessica has this way of dragging you into the world she creates like a moth to the flame. You have no choice but to immerse yourself in her beautiful words.

I adore Jessica's writing, she writes so beautifully and honestly. And Sick Pleasure was no different. In School, Tristan loved Hazel. Hazel loved Tristan but she also loved something else more. Sick Pleasure is the story of Hazel and Tristan finding there way back to each other and learning to forgive each other and themselves. It's the story of a broken girl and a broken boy who loved each other and both lost there way. The premise of Sick Pleasure is your typical Second Chance Romance but this second chance was so very much more. The way in which each chapter in Sick Pleasure was written fitted perfectly with the time line of Hazel and Tristan’s story.

Hazel is back in her hometown living with an ignorant mother and learning to move on with her life. The 12 Step Program doesn't end when you leave rehab and sometimes it’s not just you who needs to endure the 12 steps back to life but also those who love you.

And that's where Tristan comes in. He makes out like he's the asshole of there group of friends but you know from the start that its a front. The ones who act like nothing phases them are usually the ones that get hurt the most.

Hazel and Tristan clearly have history. I knew of Hazel and some of her past from reading about Ryan’s struggles in Mad Addiction but I never understood the history between them. When you learn why Tristan hates Hazel so irrevocably, it breaks you. I hurt for Tristan and I completely understood why he hated Hazel so much.

“Yes, Tristan Sharp can hate me, but I’m going to make sure he loves every second of it"

Jessica's unique and heartfelt way of writing screams experience, I'm still surprised that this is only her 3rd published book! She has this incredible way with words that speaks to your soul and hits you right in the feels. I always end up highlighting numerous quotes through out her stories so I can go back and experience my favourite parts all over again. And I cannot wait to add this beautiful cover to my collection!

"And nothing so unanchored has ever felt this sure."

In Sick Pleasure we met Tristan’s twin Logan, who from one conversation with Hazel seems just as tortured as his brother and I can’t wait to learn more about him! Fingers crossed the next book in the Crazy Beautiful Series is a crazy and beautiful story for Logan.

Meet The Author: Jessica Serra Huizenga

Hey! My name is Jessica.

I spend most of my time making confetti as head honcho over at The Confetti Bar, co-dreaming with creative women through Monarch Workshop, and blogging about my health & wellness journey going sugar-free at Simple Unsweet.

I also love, well…love.

I’m a sucker for a sweet story…maybe with a little smut thrown in. Bonus points if it makes me both laugh and cry.

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