MOVIE REVIEW: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"You're an interesting man Mr Scamander. Just like your suitcase, i think there's more to you than meets the eye. Kicked out of Hogwarts for endangering human life with a beast, yet one of your teachers argued strongly against your expulsion. I wonder... what makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you, Mr Scamander? - Percival Graves


On the 17th of November at 12:01am I sat in a cinema waiting impatiently and apprehensively to return to the world I have loved more then any other that I've ever visited. The Wizarding World.

I have to admit, I was nervous about Fantastic Beasts. I had such high expectations about this movie and returning to the Wizarding World. And I'm so happy to say that I had absolutely no reason to be nervous!

The cinema went dark and all of a sudden that music you can pick out from the first note hit and I was covered in goosebumps and again completely immersed in the Wizarding World.

Newt Scamander arrives in New York at a time where Witches and Wizards are in hiding from No-Majs (Muggles) due to the horrible events that have been caused by Grindelwald.

During his first day in New York Newt meets Jacob Kowalski who is dragging into the Wizarding World without a choice.

Knowing that the only book written about Fantastic Beasts was the encyclopaedia that Newt Scamander had written himself 70years prior to Harry Potter reading it at School, I really wasn't sure where this story was going to go. Obviously there was Newt and some Fantastic Beasts and a fascinating suitcase but what was going to happen? Was there going to be a storyline? Would there be the heart ache and the tragic events we were so used to seeing in Harry Potter? I had more questions then answers going into Fantastic Beasts and although i got answers to my questions i still come out with even more questions. The first being did we really have to wait 2 years before the second part to this 5 part series?!

The storyline is something new and so exciting and dramatic. But the best part of these whole movie are the Fantastic Beasts and Newt! The graphics are phenomenal! The Beasts are incredible! And seeing the love that Newt has for his Fantastic Beasts was one of my favourite parts of this movie.

Newt was an interesting character, slightly oblivious to the trouble he could cause but so adorable! It seems ridiculous to say but theres something about him that makes you love him! Eddie Redmayne as Newt was phenomenal! He's an incredibly talented actor and i could not have pictured anyone else to play the part.

I loved every single thing about Fantastic Beasts, It was so interesting learning so much more about the world we've all loved and the Beasts that inhabit it. The storyline, the characters, the beasts everything was fantastic.

There was a mention of Dumbledore and other wizarding families and it hit me right in the feels overtime I heard a name I recognized!

Fantastic Beasts was simply spellbinding!

If you're still sitting at home agonising about going to see Fantastic Beasts for fear that it won't live up to the hype... Don't be. It's so much more then you ever thought it would be!

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