REVIEW: To Love Adam Connor by Ella Maise

"A book about a stupid handsome boy and a beautiful lunatic of a girl"

So you may ask, who is Adam Connor? He is the recently divorced, Academy Award-winning actor who just moved in next door with his kid. He also happens to be an exquisite male specimen and the most infuriating sly bastard I’ve ever come across.

Let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you wanna take a peek over the wall to catch a glimpse of him, hopefully when he is naked? Wouldn’t you melt away after watching him work out as his five-year-old kid cheered him on? Do I even have to mention those abs, the big bulge in his pants, or that arm porn? Oh, wait, you would never spy on him? Sure…

While I was being thoughtful by not breaking and entering and was actually considering going over to offer him a shoulder—or maybe a boob or two—to cry on (y’know, because of his divorce), instead he had me thrown in jail after a small incident. Jail, people! He was supposed to grant me countless orgasms as a thank you, not a jail cell.

After that day, I was mentally plotting ways to strangle him instead of jumping his bones to make sweet love. So what if my body did more than just shiver when he whispered dirty little things in my ear? I can’t be held responsible for that. And when was the last time he’d kissed anyone anyway? Who’d enjoy a kiss with a side of heart attack?

Even if he and his son were the best things since sliced bread—and I’m not saying he was—I couldn’t fall for him. No matter what promises he whispered on my skin, my curse wouldn’t let us be. I wasn’t a damsel in distress—I could save myself, thank you very much—but deep inside, I still hoped Adam Connor would be the hero of my story.

“She twisted her body and thanks to the moonlight, I was able to see her face more clearly. She was so fucking beautiful, even more so in the soft moonlight. Unfortunately, she was also a spirited lunatic—a beautiful one, sure, but still a lunatic.” Oh Adam Connor. You incredibly sweet and romantic Boy! When I found out that To Hate Adam Connor was releasing I made myself a promise that I wouldn't fall for Adam. That Jason (From To Love Jason Thorn) would remain my number one Book Boyfriend. Unfortunately I was not able to keep this promise. Adam didn't just make me break my promise, he took that promise and he smashed it into smithereens with his sweet and romantic words and actions. Adam Connor is a movie star. And a newly Single Dad. The single life isn’t what he remembers it to be and now it’s far different with his adorable son Aiden in tow. I’ve never read a book with a single Dad and I'm seriously disappointed that its taken me this long to read one case damn, is it hot! I loved the relationship between Adam and Aiden, I loved how much he cared about him and how all he wanted in life was for Aiden to be safe and happy. It was clear from the beginning that Adam wasn’t going to be your normal movie star. Anyone who read To Love Jason Thorn will remember Lucy, Olive’s Best Friend. “Don’t be a bitch; be a calm, happy waterfall. Roar at life. In life. Don’t be closed off; be as free as a raindrop. Most important of all: live.” Lucy is without a doubt my favourite heroine. I adored her in Olive and Jason’s book. She was sweet, caring, confident and absolutely hilarious! All of my favourite lines from To Love Jason Thorn and To Hate Adam Connor are full of Lucy! The very first chapter of this book is in Lucy’s POV and it’s pure Lucy, hilarious and honest. It’s Lucy explaining her thoughts and feelings about love after she’s just had her heart broken by Jameson, her love interest in the previous book. Lucy is convinced she’s cursed. Love is just not meant to happen for her and a few tequila shots and some time with Olive and she’s coming to terms with the so called curse. “I think they broke your heart a very long time ago, and you’ve been walking around, not sure what to do with it, not sure who you can trust to take care of it, ever since you were a little kid.” There really aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the millions of ways I loved this book. To Love Jason Thorn made me a huge fan of Ella Maise’s writing but To Hate Adam Connor may have just made me her book stalker! I’ve come across some amazing Indie Authors and amazing Indie books but Ella and her incredible stories are on another level. Every word on every page speaks to me, heart and soul. Her characters are so real and relatable that you can definitely imagine these people really existing and these stories actually happening. The character development in To Hate Adam Connor was without a doubt phenomenal, The way she brought Adam and Lucy together was perfect and I'm so thoroughly impressed and ecstatic that this story fell together the way it did. The banter between Lucy and Adam is one of the best parts of this book. I highlighted full pages of banter between them and banter between Lucy and anyone really. Jason and Olive feature quite heavily in this book and I think they added to it perfectly. I definitely loved getting a glimpse into there happily married life. “So that’s what he tasted like. Warmth. Silk. Addiction. Sex. Danger. Insanity.” Some of the best scenes in To Hate Adam Connor were the kissing scenes and there was a tonne of those! Gah, and those incredibly hot sex scenes! I’m pretty sure I could count them on one hand but Ella definitely made them count! The build up to the first time Lucy and Adam kiss was tension filled in a perfect sexual way and the the build up to the first time they have sex is even better! I prefer a romance book that’s not filled with Sex. I love the slow burn ones that build up to that one amazingly hot and dramatic sex scene that steals the entire book. I love a book full of actual romance and sexual tension that you could cut with a knife. I LOVE Banter, specially banter that leads to hot sex and this book? This book had all of that and then so much more. Overall I really couldn’t rave enough about how much I loved To Hate Adam Connor. Ella’s writing style is phenomenal, She has fantastic Character and Story Development and knows how to suck you right into her world and never let you leave it. The last 30% of this book was absolutely amazing and took me hours to read purely because I can’t count the number of times I had to put down my kindle and either laugh out loud at Lucy or sigh at something romantic that Adam said. I cannot and will not recommend this book enough. To Hate Adam Connor is the book you want to push on every book worm you know, It’s the book that you want to stand on a roof top and shout the name of it to the world. So please do me a HUGE favour and buy this book. “I’m rooting for you,” I whispered. “I never wished for a prince to save me, because I can save myself, thank you very much…but I’m wishing for it now, Adam Connor. I hope—and I can hope really really hard—that your kiss will break the curse. I hope it’s you, Adam. I hope you’re the hero of my story, because I deserve to be loved, goddammit. I deserve to have someone dance with me to no music.”

Meet The Author: Ella Maise

I’m an avid reader. Therefore, a big dreamer. I love nothing more than to escape real life to find those very few magical moments in a book. I love how it has the power of stealing your worries away, putting a smile on your face, and of course sometimes making you crush on fictional characters. If I can manage to do even one of those things for a reader, I will be a happy writer.

Publishing my debut novel, I’m Yours is the scariest thing I’ve probably ever done before. However, it is also by far the most exciting thing. I can only hope to become a better writer with each new book.

Find Ella Here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon

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