Who am I?

 A desperate seeker of the Happily Ever After.

I love the written word and I love, love. I believe nothing is more special then losing yourself in a beautiful story and your imagination.

I love Romance in all forms, I'm a mood reader and ridiculously sensitive. Love angst and am constantly chasing that wanderlust feeling that reading gives you! I'm a firm believer that a reader lives a thousand lives and a thousand Happily Ever Afters! 

I'm a Disney Aficionado, a Potterhead and a lover of Ink be it on paper or skin!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the first book to make me cry. Eric Northman was the first boy who stole my heart. Miles Archer was the first boy to break my heart and Augustus Waters was the first boy to repair it while breaking it at the same time.


I can't wait to introduce you to more boys who break hearts with my reviews!